Russia’s YotaPhone Available in U.S. 2nd Quarter 2015

Posted: March 8, 2015 in Econ 101, Free Trade, Society and Culture, Technology and Energy


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YotaPhone 2 will be available on the US and Latin American markets

The company Yota Devices will release YotaPhone 2 to North American and Latin American markets in the second quarter of 2015. Thus, the company continues its global expansion, which began in December 2014 with a series of YotaPhone 2 sales launches in Russia, Europe, and the Middle East.

The first step for entering the new market was partnering with Indiegogo, the largest international crowdfunding platform. Indiegogo users who preordered the device will be the first to receive the smart phone, and at a special price.

Indiegogo is one of the largest international crowdfunding platforms, offering start-up companies a unique platform to promote and introduce innovative products and solutions to the market with an audience of millions. According to manufacturers, the service is a more modern and precise mechanism to study the preferences of a target audience than traditional qualitative research methods like focus groups.

Indiegogo opens an innovative way for Yota Devices to test the market and an alternative venue to promote YotaPhone


Choosing Indiegogo as a partner can be explained by Yota Devices’ marketing strategy for entering the highly competitive US market, its desire to test the phone, and its hopes to predict consumer demand as clearly as possible.

“The partnership with Indiegogo is another step in strengthening the company’s international expansion, which began in December 2014 with the release of YotaPhone 2 in Europe and the Middle East through the regions’ largest mobile operators,” said Yota Devices CEO Vlad Martynov.

According to him, cooperation with Indiegogo provides Yota Devices with an innovative way of testing the market and promoting YotaPhone through an alternative venue in addition to such traditional channels as operators and mobile retailers.

“Our company is a startup, so when entering a highly competitive market such as those of North America and Latin America, is important to recoup the funds we invested in the production of YotaPhone as quickly as possible. In this regard, the new smartphone will be sold in the region through preorders. This will allow us to plan shipments accurately in accordance with regional demand, avoiding additional logistics costs, such as storing goods in warehouses in the United States,” said the head of Yota Devices.

Indiegogo is the first partner to promote YotaPhone 2 in the US market. The company plans to expand its pool of official distributors soon. To this end, Yota Devices is successfully completing negotiations with the leading distributor in Latin America.

In 2015, the new generation YotaPhone became available on the markets of 22 countries. It will also enter the Chinese market in the first quarter of 2015 through Potevio, one of the three leading distributors of mobile electronics in China. Yota Devices is also working with major other operators, such as Vodafone in Europe and Etisalat in the Middle East, as well as the distributors Ingram Micro, ECS Technology, and others.

Specialists at Yota Devices developed YotaPhone 2, which has more than 35 international patents. An international community of experts greatly praised the smartphone during a sneak-peak at the International Mobile Congress in Barcelona in February 2014. Additionally, in December 2014 the American magazine Forbes recognized YotaPhone 2 as the breakthrough of the year, calling it “the most progressive smartphone” of the year and a “truly innovative product.” The phone offers the user a new experience that currently cannot be offered by any other device on the market.

In Russia, the device is available in the stores of the mobile operator Yota, on the Yota Devices online store, in Ulmart and Svyaznoy retail stores, and on the online stores and Gourji, and at the media products chain Deliktasey Stereo.


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