Austria’s S&T To Invest ‘Tens of Millions’ in Russia 2015

Posted: February 23, 2015 in Econ 101, Free Trade, Sanctions on Russia Meaningless, Technology and Energy


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S&T AG announces major Russian investment plan
4 February 2015

The board of directors of Austrian IT-provider S&T AG has approved an investment plan which will see it pump tens of millions of euros into Russian companies in 2015. The plan was announced by S&T Vice-President Alexander Malshakov, responsible for the company’s business in Eastern Europe.

S&T AG plans to buy several Russian IT companies, in spite of the risks associated with the country’s complicated political and economic situation. According to the report, the company is currently negotiating deals to acquire three Russian IT firms, with a combined workforce of 400-500. S&T AG believes that the return on its investments in Russian assets over 2015/16 will be very high.

The company is interested in ‘intelligent’ data processing, and will invest in companies with established teams in the big data sector, as well as startups working with the internet of things. It plans to invest in companies with an annual turnover of $5-50 million. S&T AG will also open a resource centre for software development in Russia.

Alexander Malshakov:

“American companies are not extending assistance to Russian IT companies for a number of reasons. In Europe on the other hand, and particularly in German speaking regions, entrepreneurs are well disposed to Russia, and believe that the companies from Russian and the CIS which they invest in now will soon grow in value. The current market stagnation cannot go on forever.”


S&T Company profile

Systemhouse with proprietary technology
As a well known supplier of IT solutions, the core business of S&T AG includes development, implementation and operation of customer-specific solutions as well as outsourcing, integration and consultation in the IT sector. In addition, S&T is a well-known IT manufacturer having a broad portfolio of proprietary products, which extends from PC and server hardware through mobile solutions to special systems based on hardware and software like highly professional security appliances.

Technology close to the partner
Well-known customers from various industrial segments place their trust in the IT solutions and professional services of S&T AG in the areas of hardware and software or consulting, integration and outsourcing. The company with headquarters in Linz is listed in the Prime Standard of the German Stock Exchange and is represented in 16 countries with about 70 branch offices. The strong regional presence of S&T AG in Central and Eastern Europe enables the company to provide nationwide and cross-national services to customers and partners with an international focus.

Fit for the Future!
S&T AG has been listed in the Prime Standard segment of the German stock exchange since June 2010 and thus meets the associated, stringent guidelines on transparency. With maximum focus on technology, flexibility as well as multinational focus and the solid financial background of the Group, the successful growth trend of the past few years will be consistently pursued.


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