Australia’s Pay TV Service Foxtel To Add Russia Today (RT) To Lineup

Posted: February 17, 2015 in Society and Culture


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Foxtel to launch Russia Today

Andrew Dickens


Australian pay TV platform Foxtel is adding 24-hour news channel Russia Today to its line-up.

The English-language channel will join Foxtel’s existing international news channels including Al Jazeera, BBC World News, CNN, CNBC and Fox News tomorrow.

Russia Today, to be made available as part of Foxtel’s Entertainment package, presents 24/7 news, bulletins, documentaries, talk shows and debates on a range of issues, as well as sports news and cultural programmes. Key shows will include Larry King Now, In the Now, Discovering Russia, Politicking, On the Money, The Big Picture and Sputnik.

The channel currently broadcasts in more than 100 countries to approximately 700 million people, with operators including Sky (UK), Sky Italia and Comcast (US).

Last week, Foxtel announced it had lifted subscriber numbers by 4.7% after cutting the price of its basic package in half.


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