Russia’s Higher School of Economics Moscow Now Accepts Transfer Students From ALL Countries

Posted: February 13, 2015 in Society and Culture


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Students walking in front of the HSE building on Myasnitskaya street in the center of Moscow. Source: HSE

Foreign students, regardless of their citizenship, are now able to apply for transfer to one of the leading universities of Russia – the Higher School of Economics (HSE), whose campuses are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, and Perm. 

The HSE, which introduced the new rules on Feb. 9, is encouraging foreign students to apply by email. Applications for enrollment will be approved after an academic expert evaluation.

“We welcome everyone, but all universities are different, sometimes people may not have insufficient background to study here,” says Sergei Roshchin, vice-rector of HSE. According to him, the expert evaluation does not focus on the formal specification of the names of the courses and their quantities, but on the degree to which previously studied material corresponds to the content of the relevant HSE course.

By the summer of 2015, the HSE promises to open a “single window” for receiving applications for the transfer from all students, including those from foreign educational institutions.

The HSE offers official administrative support to foreign students and teachers, as well as volunteer assistance services for foreigners.

HSE campuses offer more than 60 bachelor and over 100 master’s educational programs, with instruction in both Russian and English.

“The educational programs offered by Russian universities, in terms of quality and content, are comparable with the best on the global education market,” said the vice-rector, who points out that in light of the economic difficulties being endured by many countries, the financial aspects are making an education at a Russian university more attractive.

“For many students who began their studies abroad, the financial circumstances have changed in the current economic climate – the cost of education having increased significantly. They will now have an interest in transferring to a Russian higher educational institution offering a strong program,” says Roschin.

Over the past two months, the NRU HSE has received about 10 requests for transfers from foreign universities.


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