Germany’s Siemens To Create Smart Grid For Russia’s Bashkir Power Grid Company (BESK)

Posted: February 13, 2015 in Econ 101, Sanctions on Russia Meaningless, Technology and Energy


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Siemens localizes production of electric equipment in Bashkiria

13 February 2015

UFA, 13 February 2015. /Bashinform News Agency, Elvira Latypova/. Siemens localizes production of electric equipment in Bashkortostan. The corresponding agreement was concluded between “Bashkir Power Grid Company” (BESK) and Siemens AG in Berlin on Thursday, the press service of BESK informs.

Innovative products for electrical grids, including domestic components will be produced in Bashkortostan. Products will meet Russian standards. The maximum level of production localization will be achieved within five years.

In addition to the agreement a five-year framework agreement for the supply of spare parts was signed. The first batch of Siemens components will be used by BESK in manufacture of equipment in Bashkortostan in April this year.

The decision to localize production was made in the course of the Smart Grid joint project development by BESK and Siemens AG in the republic. The spokesmen of Bashkir Power Grid Company expect that a centre of competence will be created in Bashkortostan, which will help to introduce the Smart Grid system in other regions of Russia.

The Smart Grid project is implemented in the framework of agreement between JSC BESK and Siemens LLC from September 2013. According to the calculations of BESK company in Ufa Smart Grids can reduce energy losses from the current 15.6 percent to 8.7 percent. While, the cost of maintenance and repair of power equipment will be reduced by 20 percent presumably, its life will increase by 10 percent.

Currently, a pilot Smart Grid project covers four quarters through Bakalinskaya, Gubaidulin and Stepan Zlobin Streets in Ufa. By 2019, it is planned to cover all Ufa with Smart Grids.


Bashkir Power Grid Company OJSC

About the Company:

Bashkir Power Grid Company OJSC (Russian: OAO Bashkirskaya Elektrosetevaya Kompaniya) owns transmission and distribution power grids rated for 0.4 kV to 500 kV with a combined length of over 88,000 km, three 500 kV substations, eleven 220 kV substations, 245 110 kV substations, 330 35 kV substations, and 22,294 transformer points rated for 0.4/6/10 kV. The combined installed capacity of substations is 16,648.7 MVA.


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