Russia Reducing Shipping Port Facilities To Make Room For More Yachts

Posted: February 4, 2015 in Econ 101, Sanctions on Russia Meaningless


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Yachts come first

2015 February 4

  • Draft amendments into federal special-purpose programme “Development of Russia’s Transport System (2010-2020) are to undergo public discussions. The sequestration of sub-programme “Marine Transport” will result in reduction of port facilities growth by 36.5 mln t per year, reduction of support and social fleet development while additional resources are to be allocated for the construction of yacht marina and entertainment infrastructure in Gelendzhik.

    More and more conservative

    Draft Decree of RF Government “On introduction of amendments into federal special-purpose programme “Development of Russia’s Transport System (2010-2020)” provides for reduction of the scope of finance under sub-programme “Marine Transport” from RUB 814 bln 574.9 mln to 757 bln 651.5 mln (down RUB 56 bln 923.4 mln).

    This means less sea-going vessels are to be built for socially important routes (by 20 units) and for the support fleet (by 12 units), reduction of port capacity by 36.5 mln t per year. Throughput of Russian seaports will thus make about 828 mln t by 2020 while it was earlier forecasted to hit 832.8 mln t or 915.1 mln t under conservative or innovative scenario accordingly.

    The sequestration is supposed to cover the following projects: development of water area in southern and northern parts of Ust-Luga port including operational water area of container terminal (Leningrad region) – by RUB 6 bln 324.7 mln; development of commercial seaport Ust-Luga – by RUB 1 bln 409.2 mln; construction of Vessel Tracking Management Systems at the approaches to seaports – by RUB 945.4 mln; reconstruction of Vessel Tracking Management Systems at the approaches to seaports – by RUB 2 bln 317.6 mln; reconstruction of Global Maritime Distress and Safety System at the approaches to seaports of the Russian Federation – by RUB 314.5 mln; construction of Global Maritime Distress and Safety System at the approaches to seaports of the Russian Federation – by RUB 400.2 mln; construction of rescue boom-laying boat – by RUB 74.7 mln; construction of multi-functional rescue tugboat (2.5-3 MW – by RUB 100 mln; construction of ice-class lights-servicing vessel (Ice3) – by RUB 232 mln; fitting of marine transport with transport safety engineering facilities – by RUB 600.6 mln

    Besides, construction of high-speed passenger vessels (sea taxi), ro-pax ferries and passenger ferries for Far East and Sochi are to be excluded from the sub-programme “Marine Transport” due to lack of private investors.

    The sub-programme is not to include the activities on construction of Arc7 supply vessel (RUB 1.1 bln), development of port Kavkaz infrastructure facilities (RUB 2 bln 500 mln), reconstruction of and construction of seaport Arkhangelsk facilities (RUB 3 bln 335.5 mln); construction of the 1st phase of cargo district at seaport Olya in Astrakhan region (RUB 630 mln), terminal on LNG transshipment in Teriberka – RUB 2 bln 420.4 mln, reconstruction of federally owned property facilities in seaport Nevelsk Невельск (RUB 1 bln 483.6 mln), construction of Ice3 lights-servicing vessels – RUB 460.6 mln, multifunctional bilge water removing ship – RUB 682 mln, construction and reconstruction of coast –based facilities of the Baltic search-and-rescue department – RUB 2 bln 6.7 mln

    Gelendzhik’s miracle

    Against such a reduction of almost all positions the draft amendments provide for the increase of budgetary financing under the project on the development of coastal and sea infrastructure at seaport Gelendzhik. The project is to get additional RUB 4 bln 700 mln of budget allocations.

    The Gelendzhik project is estimated at RUB 9.4 bln including RUB 4.4 bln of investments and RUB 5 bln of federal money supposed for allocation in 2013–2018. Additional budgetary financing is planned for 2018-19 (RUB 2 bln 250 mln and RUB 2 bln 450 mln accordingly). Earlier statements said the project would be completed by 2017.

    The project is being implemented through private-public partnership. Its participants are FSUE Rosmorport, Commercial Seaport of Gelendzhik CJSC and RN-Tuapsenefteprodukt LLC.

    The project comprises the construction of a yacht marina with a yacht-club and proper infrastructure, land reclamation for port infrastructure facilities needed for functioning of the port’s cargo and passenger district.

    The designing of port infrastructure facilities is financed by FSUE Rosmorport with Lenmorniiproekt OJSC as General Designer.

    Design documentation was forwarded for state expert review on December 15, 2014.

    As IAA PortNews learnt from a source familiar with the project the priority put on Gelendzhik marina could be explained by the plans to use it for servicing of high ranking officials. The cargo component is to see only slight development while the development of the passenger component is up in the air. According to earlier statements, the project provides for a possibility to accept passenger ships with the length of up to 200 meters and a construction of a small ro-ro terminal to ensure the project profitability.

    Vitaly Chernov

    Read more about projects on development of yachting facilities in Russia >>>>


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