Sales of Belarusian Tractors in Western Russia Soar

Posted: December 24, 2014 in Econ 101, Sanctions on Russia Meaningless


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Sales of Belarusian MTZ tractors in Western Russia soar
23 December 2014
Sales of Belarusian MTZ tractors in Western Russia soar
Sales of Belarusian MTZ tractors in Western Russia soar

MINSK, 23 December (BelTA) – Over the last few months sales of tractors made by the Belarusian company MTZ rose by 50% in Western Russia, BelTA learned from Roman Milevsky, Director General of the MTZ trading house in Moscow, at the opening of the conference of dealers of the Belarusian mechanical engineering company Minsk Tractor Works (MTZ trademark).

“Our sales in Russia’s Central Federal District proceed rather successfully. The fall of the Russian ruble has positively influenced the sales to some extent. In the last two months sales of vehicles rose by 1.5 times,” noted Roman Milevsky.

In his words, it is possible to compete on the Russian market not only with prices. “First of all, we should mind the quality of our products. It will secure success and future of any manufacturer. I believe that there are no reasons to fear a decrease in demand. We just have to work with customers. Belarusian tractors are needed and are in demand on the Russian market,” stressed Roman Milevsky.

The MTZ distribution network in the Russian Federation comprises six trading houses and nine assembly enterprises. Russia accounts for 49% of MTZ’ export. Minsk Tractor Works accounts for 75% of the Russian market of wheeled tractors and owns virtually 100% of the market as far as 80-130hp tractors are concerned. In January-September 2014 the share of MTZ tractors in the CIS total output of wheeled tractors totaled 88.9%.

Minsk Tractor Works was founded in 1946. It is part of the system of enterprises run by the Belarusian Industry Ministry. The company offers over 60 models and modifications of tractors and vehicles with over 100 options for all kinds of climatic and operational conditions. For the last few years MTZ has kept an 8-10% share of the global market of wheeled tractors. MTZ operates in over 60 countries and has assembly enterprises in Russia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, Romania, Egypt, Serbia, Algeria, Venezuela, and other countries. The industrial group MTZ comprises 11 enterprises. In 2014 MTZ traded with 71 countries across the globe and exported about $690 million worth of merchandise.


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