UFC Looks To Russia For TV Expansion

Posted: November 26, 2014 in Econ 101, Society and Culture

SOURCE: http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2014/11/25/7279827/ufc-chief-executive-garry-cook-talks-proposed-deal-to-bring-ufc-to-Russia

UFC chief executive, Garry Cook talks proposed deal to bring UFC to 55 million Russian households

Recently, a report from Standard & Poor confirmed that UFC parent company, ZUFFA is seeing a 40% decline in their earnings for 2014. Injuries and over saturation have been the most talked about issues leading to this economic downturn for the MMA conglomerate.

In a press event that took place a week ago, the entire 2015 calendar of events was rolled out, featuring a schedule just as chock full of fight cards as this ill-fated year has seen. Former UFC executive vice president and managing director of Europe, Middle East and Africa turned UFC chief global brand officer, Garry Cook was recently on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani (transcribed by Guilherme Cruz for MMA Fighting) where he detailed the company’s continued efforts with their global expansion project, specifically, the television deal that will bring the UFC into 55 million Russian households.

“We’re just about to announce a television deal in Russia. 55 million households,” Cook said.  “We’ve never done an event in Russia. The growth is all of that, a global business is how you make sure you create relevant content in the U.S., relevant content for all the other markets, (…) creating more content, creating local heroes, national fame.

“The story is two people in combat. There’s gonna be a winner, there’s gonna be a loser. There’s no more drama than that. And that sells, wherever you are in the world.”

With deals yet to be finalized, the promotion also targets shows in Scotland and Poland, Cook said.

“We’re gonna be on television in Russia. Eventually, there will be a show in Russia, but we don’t know if that will be next year. Poland, we’ve got some plans there. They have been calling us for having an event in Poland. Scotland, you can’t help but think of Joanne Calderwood, who’s becoming a starlet there. We’d like to think about doing something at Glasgow. We have some plans.”

As always, Bloody Elbow will update our readers on this story as more information becomes available.


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