Canada’s Council of CEO’s Calls For Free Trade Agreement With China……Canadians To Become Poorer

Posted: November 22, 2014 in Econ 101, Free Trade

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Council of CEOs calls for a free trade agreement with China

The Canadian Council of Chief Executives is the latest group to push for a Canada-China free trade agreement.

Appearing before the senate foreign affairs and international trade committee Friday to weigh in on the Canada-South Korea free trade agreement implementation bill, which is making it’s way through the upper chamber, the Council’s vice-president of policy, international and fiscal issues urged the Harper government to do the same with its second largest trading partner.

“The government should also begin negotiation of a free trade agreement with China. The New Zealand free trade agreement with China, which has resulted in a five-fold increase in dairy exports, and the recently announced Australia-China free trade agreement, provide templates,” Ailish Campbell told the committee.

“These trade deals also indicate our competitors are not standing still.”

This comes after a number Canadian exporters told iPolitics earlier this week that the Australia free trade agreement with China, the negotiations of which wrapped up Monday, will put them at a competitive disadvantage.



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