Mickey Rourke Will Box In Russia

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Society and Culture

SOURCE: http://www.monstersandcritics.com/mickey-rourke-will-box-in-russia/

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Mickey Rourke Will Box In Russia

“I do not respect myself as an actor.” – Mickey Rourke


Actor Mickey Rourke will box  at the age of 62 and take to the ring with a US professional boxer in Moscow this month, Sovetsky Sport sports website reported Wednesday, citing the promoters.

The star said, “Boxing is a serious part of my life. It taught me respect and determination, patience and concentration. I always dreamed of fighting a match in Russia.”

The actor was an amateur boxer before his Hollywood career took off and he became a sex symbol star in films such as “9 1/2 Weeks.”   In 2008, he starred in “The Wrestler” as a has-been wrestler making comeback. He won a Golden Globe award for best actor.  In 1982, his career took off after the film “Diner,” Barry Levinson’s coming-of-age male ensemble critical darling set in late 1950s Baltimore.

Rourke is set to fight 29-year-old Elliot Seymour on November 28. They will take to the ring ahead of a match between Russia’s Ruslan Provodnikov and Jose Luis Castillo of Mexico, Sovetsky Sport reported.

From the Soviet article:

Mickey began to practice boxing at age 12, when he lived with his mother and stepfather, a tyrant in a poor suburb of Miami. In 1986, the screens out most famous film with his participation “9 1/2 Weeks”, immediately became a hit Soviet video clubs. Rourke returned to the ring in 1991. Then Mickey, who at that time [was doing] a lot of drinking and using drugs, saying that it was boxing saved him from death:

– I go to the ring, because I struggle with self-destruction. I do not respect myself as an actor. So doing business that I really get good.

He returned to boxing as a professional for eight matches in the 1990s, causing damage to his face that necessitated surgery and changed his appearance.

Rourke is reported to be involved with Russian-born model, Anastassija Makarenko.


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