10th Chinese American Film Festival Kicked Off in Pasadena CA

Posted: November 17, 2014 in Society and Culture

SOURCE: http://en.yibada.com/news/10th-chinese-american-film-festival-in-pasadena-attended-by-3000-celebrities-7979

10th Chinese American Film Festival in Pasadena Attended by 3,000 Celebrities

By Camille Arcilla On November 15, 2014

DMG MediaDMG President Wu Bing, one of the awardees at the Chinese American Film Festival, was honored for her thriller movie “Transcendence.”

Over 3,000 Chinese and American stars attended the opening ceremony of the annual Chinese American Film Festival held on Nov. 4 at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in California, United States.

The festival, now on its 10th year, was organized by the American Eagle Dragon Media Co. Ltd., in cooperation with the China State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, Motion Picture Association of America, and the Consulate Generals of China in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Along with the grand opening, the “Golden Angel Awards” was presented on the same day.

Founded in 2005, the Chinese American Film Festival has become an event to boost the cultural exchange and relationship between the two countries.

The film fest extended its promotion to more than 10 museums and universities through screenings, lectures, and academic exchanges, some of which are new to the Western region.

The organizing committee composed of EDI Media Inc. CEO James Su, China Film Group CEO La Peikang, American Film Association President of Asia-Pacific Region Mike Ellis, Consulate General of China in Los Angeles representative Liu Jian, and U.S. Congress Zhao Meixin gave out their speeches during the film festival.

The China American Film Festival will be shown all over the world, including China through Beijing TV, Asia, U.S. and Europe, among others. It will be broadcast to 50 different countries.

Out of the 200 movie candidates, the “Best Movie Award” was given to La Peikang for the film “American Dream in China.”


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