China, Sweden Establish Green-tech Cooperation Platform

Posted: November 5, 2014 in Free Trade, Technology and Energy


China, Sweden establish green-tech cooperation platform

STOCKHOLM, Nov. 4 2014 (Xinhua) — China and Sweden established a green technology cooperation platform on Tuesday in Stockholm, aiming for closer mutual cooperation in the green technology industries.

The Sino-Swedish Green-Coop Platform was signed by Chen Yuming, Chinese ambassador to Sweden and Thomas Lagerqvist, chairman of the Sweden-China Trade Council (SCTC), on Tuesday afternoon at the World Trade Centre in Stockholm.

The establishment of the platform “shows our commitment to work together, to share knowledge and innovation for our small and medium-sized enterprises,” Oscar Stenstrom, the state secretary for the Swedish ministry of enterprises, told Xinhua.

Stenstrom said it also showed “big commitment from the Swedish government.”

“I appreciate our cooperation is growing in almost all areas when it comes to people-to-people contact and business-to-business education and research,” said Stenstrom.

Chen said the aim is “to promote comprehensive and multi-level dialogues and cooperation in the fields of green and low-carbon industries.”

China, while enjoying fast business development, is facing many environmental challenges in light of its commitment to green and low-carbon economies, so as to achieve economic, social and environment sustainability.

In the 1980s, Sweden faced similar environmental challenges. The Nordic country became one of the pioneers in shifting to sustainable development in terms of environmental protection, energy conservation, and clean technologies.

Jonas Tornblom, chairman of the Sweden-China Greentech Alliance, affiliated to the SCTC, emphasized the platform is key to “linking in practice the innovative know-how and experience found in Swedish companies with the needs of the Chinese market.”

Websites demonstrating China’s policies and regulations on green industries, and information on the activities of bilateral exchanges and cooperation will be established soon. Endtiem


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