Russian Arms Exports Unaffected By Sanctions……..Of Course Not

Posted: November 3, 2014 in Sanctions on Russia Meaningless, War Is The New Economy


 The sanctions imposed on Russia by the West have not affected the implementation of export contracts, Dmitry Semizorov, general director of Russia’s Tochmash central research institute of precision engineering, told reporters on Monday.

“We have export contracts envisaging the delivery of both weapons and ammunition. So far, we have not seen any decline in orders for these military products,” he said.

At an exhibition in Abu Dhabi at the beginning of 2015, Tochmash will again display its Ratnik second-generation combat gear, Semizorov said.

“We will demonstrate the export version of our Ratnik combat gear in Abu Dhabi in early 2015,” he said.

This combat gear was shown for the first time at an international weapons show in Paris, he said.

“Our combat gear received good reviews in foreign media,” Semizorov said, adding that “the Russian gear is even better than foreign samples in a number of ways.”


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