New Czech TV Episodes To Be Made in China

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Society and Culture


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New Krtek episodes to be made in China
Krtek was used to promote joint Chinese--EU relations in 2011. Photo: Czech Ministry of Culture

Granddaughter of original animator holds all the rights; a panda will join the cast

Prague, Oct 24 (ČTK) — New stories of the Little Mole (Krtek), a popular Czech animated figure, will be made in coproduction with China’s biggest television company, CCTV, the Czech Little Mole Cartoon firm told ČTK.

CCTV will sign a contract with Karolina Milerová, granddaughter of the famous animator and director Zdeněk Miler, in Beijing on Monday.

The Little Mole is one of Chinese children’s most popular figures. It will be joined by a panda in the new stories.

“I am very glad that thanks to the contract, the grandfather’s work and legacy will continue to develop. It took three years to reach agreement on the coproduction contract. I had to fly to China 10 times and so I am glad that it has ended well,” Milerova said.

She will sign the contract with CCTV in the presence of the Czech and Chinese presidents, Miloš Zeman and Xi Jinping, respectively.

The contract may be worth hundreds of millions of crowns, said Milerová who owns all licence rights to the Little Mole.

CCTV is to start working on the new stories immediately after the contract is signed. It is also planned to put the Little Mole in the 3D format.

Milerová said “a woman, whom my grandfather knew personally very well and whose work he highly respected will be responsible for the project. The completely greatest honor is that a panda, which is sacred for the Chinese, will appear in the new episodes of the series,” Milerova said.

Zeman spoke about the new project also featuring a panda with Chinese deputy prime minister Ma Kai today.

“It is a symbolic connection of a typical Czech animated figure and a Chinese national symbol,” Zeman’s spokesman Jiří Ovčáček said.


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